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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. "What if my operation fails?"
A. It may take several months for sperm counts to become satisfactory but if they are persistently negative, Mr Persad works closely with the Reproductive Medicine Team who are often able to offer assisted conception techniques such as ICSI.
Q2."What if the operation is a success - ie Sperm count positive - but we still fail to conceive?"
This situation although disappointing is not necessarily unfavourable. As there are usually millions of sperm in the semen in this situation, they can be collected and used for intrauterine insemination (IUI) with very good chances of conception.
Q3. "I've had a vasectomy reversal already and it has not been successful - should I have a further operation?"
A. Yes. The vas measures only 2 mm in diameter and the inner tube through which the sperms travel measures only 0.2 mm. Despite the utmost care, scar tissue can form at the point of reconnection and block the tube again. We take patients from all over the country for re-dos and better than 50% result in a return to fertility.
Q4. "What type of reversal operation do you perform?"
A. We perform a microsurgical end to end vasovasostomy wherever possible. If the situation demands it we may perform vaso-epididymostomy(microtubular).
Q5. "I've heard about a vaso epididymostomy (VE) operation, what do you think about this procedure?"
A. Vaso- epididymostomy is necessary when the distal vas or proximal epididymis is blocked. The results even in the world's best clinics are only as good as a vasovasotomy, Mr Persad is trained,however, in the most successful microsurgical techniques of vaso-epididymostomy not often available in the UK today.
Q6. why is the operation under general anaesthetic?"
A . The operation is more safely conducted in a predictable and controlled setting under General anaesthetic (GA) than under local anaesthetic (LA) with sedation . It is imperative that the operating field is 'still' during this procedure and when using the operating microscope. As the operation can take up to 2 1/2hrs it is very stressful for most patients to have to lie still for this period. Our experienced team of consultant anaesthetists have an impeccable record of safety. LA can be used if strong preference is expressed.
Q7. "Where is the Clinic and how many doctors work there ?"
Mr Persad is Senior Consultant at The Bristol Urology Associates (BUA) Clinic. There are several advantages to this: Firstly, he works with Mr Whittlestone who also performs this procedure to the highest standard. This allows the BUA to offer for 52 weeks of the year 24 hour 7 day a week 'cover' arrangement for patients who have had or who are about to have surgery. Having 2 surgeons in the team who can perform this specialised surgery also gives greater flexibility for patients with regard to access for appointments for consultation and/or surgery.
Q8. "How much does it cost ?"
Unfortunately reversal is not generally available on the NHS. We provide fixed price surgery. This includes the cost of specialist surgery, anaesthetic and nursing care as well as the postoperative outpatient check-up and semen analysis tests. Preoperative consultation and assessment only is charged separately at 215. The fixed price charge is collected by the Hospital at which the operation takes place (usually Spire).
Q9 "Why should I come to a Urological surgeon for my surgery rather than any other type of Specialist or Surgeon?"
A. Urologists treat not only male infertility but a whole host of other conditions which are relevant to improving sexual health and fertility. It is important that the patient requesting reversal of vasectomy is properly assessed so that important coincidental diagnoses are not missed (e.g. prostate cancer, varicocele, testicular cancer) and that chances of surgical success are optimised. Urologists such as Mr Persad are best placed to treat male fertility problems and vasectomy reversal in the most thorough and holistic manner possible

Further Assistance

Through our office at the Bristol Urology Associates we would be happy to help with further information and to help make your treatment as free from stress as possible.(tel 0117 980 4118, or 0117 970 7040/1; email

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The above image shows the reconnection of the vas.